Know the Details of Helicopter Leases

Helicopter leases are quite common as they are hassle-free and serve the purpose of the lessee. The following are the main types of Helicopter leases: 

  • Dry Lease: In a dry lease, the lessee gets only the helicopter and no crew. So, they are in charge of the operations
  • Wet Lease: In a wet lease, the lessee gets the helicopter along with at least one crew and operations are controlled by the lessor.

Helicopter Lease Rates 

The cost of leasing a helicopter depends on the type of lease. The cost of leasing a helicopter can be fixed on both an hourly and monthly basis. Touchstone Helicopters in Los Angeles offers a dry lease on the Robinson R22 Beta II at $2,550 per month or $120 per hour and the Robinson R44 Raven II helicopters at $4,550 per month or $255 per hour. There are customized leases for flight schools, businesses, and individuals also.