Know the Details of Helicopter Leases

Helicopter leases are quite common as they are hassle-free and allow the Lessee to operate the helicopter with minimal capital investment and maximum flexibility. The following are the main types of Helicopter leases:

  • Dry Lease: In a dry lease, the Lessee gets only the helicopter without fuel or crew. The Lessee pays for fuel, maintenance, and insurance as well as crew costs. They are in charge of the operation of the helicopter.
  • Wet Lease: In a wet lease, the Lessee gets the helicopter along with at least one crew member and flight operations are controlled by the Lessor.

Helicopter Lease Rates 

The cost of leasing a helicopter depends on the type of lease. The cost of leasing a helicopter is determined on a monthly and hourly usage basis. Touchstone Helicopters in Los Angeles offers a dry lease on the Robinson R22 Beta II at $2,850 per month plus $87 per flight hour with no minimum usage or $139 per hour with no monthly fee and a minimum usage to be determined on an individual basis. The R44 Raven II dry leases for $5,250 per month plus $139 per flight hour with no minimum or $305 per hour with no monthly fee and minimum usage to be determined. There are customized leases available for flight schools, businesses, and individuals.