Helicopter Lease FAQs

You’ll carry insurance to cover damage to the helicopter and you will be responsible to make the lease payments.

The operator is responsible to pay the deductible portion of any insurance claim.

The operator is responsible to pay the deductible portion of any insurance claim.

We’re leasing to large schools with multiple aircraft and to small startups. We enjoy working with flight schools that will maintain the helicopter to a high standard of airworthiness and who consider safety as their first priority.

You return the helicopter to us and we will conduct a post-lease inspection. You agree to repair any damage or mechanical discrepancies except for normal wear and tear.

Helicopters are most often available for pickup at our Tennessee location, but other arrangements can be made. You’ll be responsible for flight time from the pickup location to your location.

We pay for the 2,200 hour overhaul reserve as well as the parts necessary to comply with any Airworthiness Directives.

You’ll cover the cost of fuel, maintenance, hangar, insurance, and any local taxes or registration fees.
We pay for the parts necessary to comply with ADs and the operator pays for the labor to comply with ADs and parts and labor to comply with SBs.
Robinson and Lycoming offer limited warranties on new aircraft and limited warranties for overhauled aircraft components. Proceeds from these warranties are available to the Lessee to cover applicable repairs and replacements.
The minimum requirements for all Lessees are determined on a case-by-case basis. Our leases have an averaging system so that if you don’t meet the minimum in a slow month, you can use those hours in a busier month (see the lease for details). The Monthly Lease Option does not have a minimum usage requirement.
If we have a helicopter in inventory it can be ready for pickup in as little as one week after you sign the lease and make the security deposit. If we don’t have one in inventory, we can usually get a new or used aircraft on the open market in 2-4 weeks.
Our lease requires a refundable security deposit of $4,500 for a Beta II and $9,500 for a Raven II and the 1st month’s payment. The actual security deposit amount will be determined after submission of Lessee’s lease application and is determined based on Lessee’s credit history and the intended location and use of the Helicopter.