Helicopter Leasing Information

We're now leasing Robinson R22 Beta IIs and R44 Raven IIs with more flexible terms.

Option One – Helicopter Lease Cost (no minimum usage requirement)
Robinson R22 Beta II for as low as $3,050 per month and $97 per hour.Robinson R44 Raven II for as low as $5,450 per month and $145 per hour.

Option Two – Hourly Cost of Leasing a Helicopter
Robinson R22 Beta II for as low as $151 per hour. *Robinson R44 Raven II for as low as $310 an hour. *Robinson R44 Raven I for as low as $285 an hour. *

We offer custom leases for flight schools, businesses, and individuals so please give us a call and we’ll create a payment option that works best for you. 

Our lease is a dry lease, which means that we pay for the overhaul reserve and the cost of parts for ADs and you pay for fuel, maintenance, and insurance.

We offer excellent condition used and freshly overhauled aircraft. In most cases, you can get the helicopter on lease anywhere in the USA immediately.

Leasing a new or freshly overhauled Robinson from us provides you with the benefits of the Robinson factory limited warranty, which can help reduce your operating costs.

You can start your lease with a security deposit as low as $4,500 for a Beta II.

* Minimum usage requirement is determined on an individual basis. Lease prices and terms are subject to the written lease agreement, credit approval, specific aircraft availability, and may change without notice.

Download the Lease Application