Go With the Leader For a Robinson R22 Lease

Helicopter leasing companies are very much in demand today due to the multiple uses for a Helicopter. Today, helicopters are used for the transport of people and cargo, military purposes, construction, firefighting, search and rescue operations, tourism, air ambulances, news/media coverage, aerial observation, and as an aerial lift.

Helicopter leasing ensures stable returns, while the risk is low due to high demands. Touchstone Helicopters is among the leading Helicopter Leasing Companies in Los Angeles and operates at a comparatively low cost.

About the Robinson R22

The Robinson R22 lease is a popular one as this helicopter is a recognised aircraft that has provided excellent performance in a variety of applications for over three decades. It is cost-effective, reliable, and safe, functioning as the most popular entry-level helicopter globally. Touchstone Helicopters offers Robinson R22 leases for the low cost of $2,550 per month and $120 per hour.