Why Lease

Buying is expensive

Robinson helicopters have low operating costs, but the purchase price just keeps going up. The cost of a new R22 Beta II is now over $290,000 and a new, nicely equipped Raven II costs more than $520,000.

Purchasers find financing opportunities limited

Banks are requiring large down payments of 20-30% and in many cases are reluctant to lend regardless of the size of the down payment or the credit of the borrower.

Avoid large upfront cash outlay

To purchase and finance an R44 Raven II can require a down payment of more than $100,000 and an R22 Beta II can require a down payment exceeding $58,000. You can lease the same helicopter from Touchstone Helicopters for as low as $4,500 down for an R22 and $9,500 for an R44.*

Leasing leaves you capital for other uses

Don’t sink your cash into buying a helicopter – Grow your business!
Spending your money on advertising and business improvements yields a much better return.

Leasing avoids the “taxable income recapture” upon sale of a purchased aircraft

Most aircraft purchasers find out too late that when they sell their fully depreciated aircraft, the IRS taxes them on the entire sale price as if it were ordinary income. All the depreciation deductions they took on their prior years’ tax returns come back to them in the form of a large tax liability. Leasing a helicopter from Touchstone Helicopters can be a 100% business deduction with no taxable income re-capture.

Leasing saves you money on sales tax

Generally, state sales tax is due immediately upon the purchase of an aircraft. In some states this can result in a tax charge of over $50,000 for an R44 Raven II. If you lease a helicopter from Touchstone, you only pay sales tax on the amount of each monthly lease payment. This not only saves you tens of thousands of dollars, but allows you to pay at a reduced rate over time. Some states even have exemptions that eliminate sales tax on the lease payments.

Speak with your accountant

Every business and individual tax situation is different, so be sure to speak with your accountant about the benefits of leasing. The above information presented here is not intended as tax advice.

* Based on approved credit and subject to change.